Late Summer Wow-Worthy Hardscaping Ideas for the Front Lawn

Your home needs a good pampering every now and then, just like you do. The end of summer is a great time for giving your front lawn area a little style pick-me-up. Hardscapes and hardscaping contractors can be your best friend in this endeavor, and here are three ideas that might be just what your home needs:

It’s amazing what adding a small retaining wall can do. A retaining wall essentially is holding back, or holding in, a section of earth that rises to a separate level of the rest of your lawn. Retaining walls can create a kind of tiny stone fence around the front face of your house, creating a trough for you to plant flowers and shrubbery. Perhaps you already have a front garden? Hardscaping it a little differently, even adding some creatively positioned stone slabs, can be surprisingly effective in making something old look new.

Adding a new walkway, especially one made of uniquely cut stone, is like giving your home a fresh welcome mat. Perhaps you already have a front walkway and you don’t want to completely replace it? Depending on the style you already have, adding different cement, pebble or stone textures to your walkway could once again make something old look fresh and new.

Our favorite hardscaping idea is to add a stone patio onto the side of your front lawn. It may sound complex, but it’s essentially covering a surface of lawn with cement in a particularly set pattern that hardscaping contractors can help you design. That section of land is then ready to be adorned with some rocking chairs, a patio table, and perhaps a little ceramic animal.

As you pursue more home improvement ideas for hardscapes, GP Hardscape Pavers, Inc is a great resource for talking through landscaping ideas, and giving you an idea of the costs for your projects. We can help you brainstorm over specific concerns or problem areas with your home, and give you some creative, low-maintenance solutions that are a perfect fit for your budget.

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