Concrete, Stone, or Pavers? Helping You Make the Decision

Your home is one of your biggest investments. It’s where you keep your family safe, enjoy time together, and where you spend a lot of your hard earned money. Though the interior of your home is the place where you spend most of your time, the exterior is the place where you entertain and play with your family. If you are looking to increase the use of your backyard, one of the best ways is to create walkways or backyard patios to provide pathways throughout your backyard. Not only is this a beautiful accent to the style of your home, but it makes it it easy to add furniture and other additions to your backyard. But you may wonder which type of pathway you should choose to adorn your backyard. Here are some benefits for installing concrete, stone, or pavers for your new backyard pathways.


Concrete is a good option, especially if you are looking to cover a large area like a patio. It has the ability to imitate stone or paving, which is why we tend to like this option. But concrete requires constant maintenance and can crack if you live in an area with lots of freezing and thawing, like Georgia. One of the benefits of concrete is that there’s no chance of weeds growing between the slabs unless there are cracks.


Stone is a beautiful option for the backyard and can be installed a couple of different ways. We enjoy using stone because it always looks natural and beautiful. Most often, stone is installed with rocks or sand between each piece, which can be good or bad. Because stone won’t crack and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, it’s easier to care for in the long run. Repairs are very easy, and the look is much more forgiving than the concrete option. Weeds could grow between the stone forcing you to add more rocks or sand for upkeep.


Pavers are similar to stone and are another great option for a backyard, especially because they are more forgiving than concrete and are a great option for climate changes. Though they need maintenance, especially if there are weeds between the pavers, or sand needs to be added, this can be easily remedied by using a polymeric sand. Pavers are generally easy to take care of and less expensive to install than stone.

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